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Man Power Development
At the time the Association was formed, there was hardly an institution which had facilities to train educators to take care of the special persons. The Rehabilitation Council of India came into existence much later. Training facility for the teacher was non-existent. The Association took upon itself to design the Teacher Training Programme, train teachers to be part of the special schools. National Institute for Mental Health And Neuro Sciences was the first to come forward with its faculty to draw up the curriculum. Fine tuning was done later in consultation with experts of the Karnataka Government which readily recognized the six months certificate course which was formulated by the experts. Thus began a journey of manpower development in the year 1979. This was a pioneering effort on the part of the parents to find a way to facilitate the education of their special children. The Six month course was open to matriculates with diploma in teacher training or degree holders and the focus of the training was rehabilitation of children with mental retardation. The certificate course later became a one-year full fledged diploma course and now it is two year diploma course with the recognition of the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Over the years, two more courses, one in Autism and the other in Specific Learning Disabilities and Integrated Education were added. These two courses are of one year duration and have the status of a diploma. The Association encourages parents to take these courses and today host of parents are not only taking care of their wards at home but also working in special schools supporting the community at large. The Association is justifiably proud that over 1000 special educators are working in various schools in different parts of the state and even outside to help, develop the potential of the special persons fully and join the mainstream of Society.


Learning Disabilities and Integrated Education:

Eligibility: Qualified teachers from regular schools, graduates / post graduates with teaching degree, qualified teachers in special education and currently employed as a teacher or parents of children with learning disabilities.

Focus of training: To provide trainees with the understanding of Specific Learning Disabilities as a major problem; to equip them with the knowledge and skills to help students, teachers, parents, and administrators to cope with the problem and to enable trainees to implement the strategies involved in the process of Integrated Education of those with specific learning disabilities.

Skills expected: They should be currently employed as a teacher or be a parent of a child with Learning Disabilities. To have basic knowledge of the condition of a persons with these disability.

Suitability of the trained persons to different settings: The trained persons can fit in both to the home environment and to the school environment. Parents who undertake this course will be able to assist and help their wards in the areas of disabilities of learning and also take care of persons with this disability in the neighbourhood. Trained teachers work in schools, both general and special to ensure that students with L.D. are trained adequately to join the mainstream which ultimately is the objective of inclusive education.

Trainers: Professionals in the field and experts from renowned national institutions.


Eligibility: Graduates / qualified teachers from special schools / in special education or parents of children with autism.

Focus of training: To provide trainees with the understanding of autism as a major problem that has recently been recognized as such. To equip them with the knowledge and skills to help students, teachers, parents and administrators of special / regular schools to cope with the problem. To enable trainees to implement the strategies involved in the process, in order that these children could be included into the mainstream of special / regular education.

Skills expected: should be teachers in special schools or have undergone special education course. Parents of children with autism are also eligible to take this course.

Suitability of the trained persons to in settings: Persons trained in this course can work in special schools meant for persons with autism spectrum disorder and multiple disabilities where autism is one of the conditions.


The Association has also devised a four month programme exclusively for parents of children having Autism. This is a certificate course. Number of parents have taken this programme.

Eligibility: Any parent whose child is diagnosed with autism and who is willing to put in 4 hours of practical work with two children in an assigned institution and attend all theory classes once a week. The parents will be evaluated based on the set criteria.

Focus: To empower the parents with adequate knowledge about the disorder, its characteristics and symptoms. Also, to provide the parents with enough information on the management of the child’s everyday problems. The parents will be equipped to conduct an informal assessment of their children to understand the child’s difficulties and strengths. This will enable them to plan and carry out an appropriate educational program.

Skills: As mentioned above, parents will be equipped to evaluate their child’s performance in all areas of development, viz., language and communication, motor, cognition, play and social skills, self care and behaviour management. Based on this evaluation, they are then taught to plan an educational program that will be implemented consistently. This will reduce the burden on the parent in terms of understanding what to do so that the progress of the child is unhampered. Parents also learn about positive behaviour management which is very essential as persons with autism can exhibit very challenging behaviours.

Suitability of trained persons: Parents training course equips the parents to handle their own children only but does not equip them to work as special educators in schools.

Trainers: Professionals in the field and experts from renowned national institutions.

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